Garrett has over 25 years experience managing quantitative investment strategies. He enjoyed a long career as a senior portfolio manager with Dimensional Funds Advisors, a pioneer and market leader in the field of factor-based investment strategies.

Garrett is an avid believer in an academically robust and rigorous approach to managing investment portfolios. He co-founded GSI with a view to forging a distinct investment philosophy that combines diversified factor-based investing with a view to the long-term sustainability of investments.

Garrett holds a Masters in Finance from London Business School and an MSc in Intelligent Systems from Brunel University. He has co-authored numerous articles including a study with Rex Sinquefield on UK fund returns and a long-term study on the value effect in the UK with Elroy Dimson and Stefan Nagel. He is an Advisory Board member of Style Analytics, a leading portfolio analytics firm, and is a director of INQUIRE UK, the main institutional quantitative research organisation in the UK.