At GSI, we take the evidence from academic research in financial markets and translate it into sensible investment strategies. Our main aim is to deliver improved returns for our clients over the long-term, through ‘factor investing’. The factors we look for include size, value and profitability. In addition, we incorporate how companies manage their environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities. The results of these factors inform our view when considering an investment for our portfolio.

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We pride ourselves on designing, building and delivering portfolios that have better risk and return profiles than traditional, market-weighted indices. We have a systematic, disciplined approach which is robust, and built on academic research and empirical evidence. We are long-term investors, delivering higher returns for our clients through diversified portfolios with high capacity, low turnover and low transaction costs.

Our approach reduces investors’ exposure to extreme market movements, normally associated with market-weighted investing, which tend to concentrate on large-cap companies.