Investment Objective

To deliver higher returns than market-weighted indices, after fees and transaction costs, at similar levels of risk.

Investment Policy

To hold a well-diversified portfolio of companies whose shares are traded principally on the major exchanges of developed markets. The fund may invest across the entire market capitalisation spectrum, but tends to have a larger emphasis on small and mid-cap companies than a market-weighted index. Stock positions in the fund are weighted to achieve better diversification than a market-weighted index on an individual stock, sector and country level.

The fund will generally be overweight in stocks considered to be value stocks and underweight in growth stocks. To determine fundamental value we use a valuation composite, which captures book values, earnings, operating cash flows and net cash distributions to shareholders. The Global Sustainable Focused Value Fund has a stronger value tilt than the Global Sustainable Value Fund and takes larger positions away from a market-weighted index.

In addition, we incorporate how companies manage their environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities. The results of these factors inform our view when considering an investment for our portfolio.


The GSI Global Sustainable Focused Value Fund is currently available on a number of platforms including:

AJ Bell
James Hay
Novia/Novia Global

Fund Factsheets:

Share Class A (GBP Distributing)

Key Investor Information Document:

Share Class A (GBP Distributing)


GSI Global Sustainable Focused Value Fund Supplement.


GemCap Investment Funds (Umbrella) Prospectus.

Assessment of Value:


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Risk and Reward Profile

The Synthetic Risk & Reward Indicator (SRRI) of the Fund is 6 (out of 7). It illustrates the position of this Fund on a standard risk/reward category scale. This indicator is based on historical data and may not be a reliable indication of the future risk profile of the Fund. The risk and reward category shown is not guaranteed to remain unchanged and may shift over time. The lowest category does not mean investment is “risk free”. This indicator is not a measure of the risk that you may lose the amount you have invested.

The Fund is categorised as category 6 as it typically produces higher rewards than other funds (such as money market funds) and is higher risk as a result of investing in shares of companies in developed and emerging markets, the price of which may rise and fall. Risks materially relevant to the Fund which may not be adequately captured by the indicator:

Investment Risk: the Fund may not achieve its investment objective and the value of shares in the Fund may fall.

Currency Risk: the Fund invests in assets which are priced in overseas currencies other than the Fund’s base currency (U.S. Dollars). Changes in exchange rates may lead to fluctuations in the value of your investment. The Fund may use techniques (investment level hedging) to try to limit currency exchange risk, but there is no guarantee these will be successful.

Class Currency Risk: your shares are priced in Sterling whereas the Fund’s base currency is U.S. Dollars. The Fund does not use techniques (share class level hedging) to try to limit the class currency exchange risk and changes in exchange rates may lead to fluctuations in the value of your investment.

Derivative Risk: the value of a derivative depends primarily on the performance of the underlying asset. A small movement in the value of the underlying asset may cause a large movement in the value of the derivative which may result in a loss to the Fund. The Fund is exposed to the risk that the other party to the derivative will not meet its obligations.

Small and Medium Sized Company Risk: Smaller and medium sized companies tend to have younger and more limited product lines, markets and finance and a smaller management team. As a result they may be more difficult or impossible to sell which could adversely affect your investment.
Further details of risks associated with an investment in the Fund are set out in the Prospectus and the Supplement under the heading ‘Risk Warnings’.


This document is issued by Global Systematic Investors LLP (GSI) and does not constitute or form part of any offer or invitation to buy or sell shares. It should be read in conjunction with the Fund’s Prospectus, key investor information document (“KIID”) or offering memorandum. GSI is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 572537). The Company’s registered office is 75 King William Street, London EC4N 7BE, United Kingdom.

The price of shares and income from them can go down as well as up and past performance is not a guide to future performance. Investors may not get back the full amount originally invested. A comprehensive list of risk factors is detailed in the Prospectus and KIID and an investment should not be contemplated until the risks are fully considered. The Prospectus and KIID can be viewed at and at

The contents of this document are based upon sources of information believed to be reliable. GSI has taken reasonable care to ensure the information stated is accurate. However, GSI make no representation, guarantee or warranty that it is wholly accurate and complete.

The GSI Global Sustainable Focused Value Fund is a sub-fund of GemCap Investment Funds (Ireland) plc, an umbrella type open-ended investment company with variable capital, incorporated on 1 June 2010 with limited liability under the laws of Ireland with segregated liability between sub-funds.

GemCap Investment Funds (Ireland) plc is authorised in Ireland by the Central Bank of Ireland pursuant to the European Communities (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) Regulations 2011 (S.I. No. 352 of 2011) (the “UCITS Regulations”), as amended.

Gemini Capital Management (Ireland) Limited, trading as GemCap, is a limited liability company registered under the registered number 579677 under Irish law pursuant to the Companies Act 2014 which is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Its principal office is at Ground Floor, 118 Rock Road, Booterstown, A94 V0Y, Co. Dublin and its registered office is at 1 WML, Windmill Lane, Dublin 2, D02 F206. GemCap acts as both management company and global distributor to GemCap Investment Funds (Ireland) plc.

This is a marketing communication. Please refer to the Supplement, the Prospectus, any other offering document and the relevant key investor information document (KIIID) in relation to the Fund before making any final investment decision.

A copy of the English version of the Supplement, the Prospectus, and any other offering document and the KIID is available at As required under national rules, the KIIDs and any other applicable documents are also available in the official language of the relevant jurisdiction where the Fund is marketed, or in another language accepted by the national competent authorities of that jurisdiction.

A summary of investor rights associated with an investment in the Fund is available in English at

A decision may be taken at any time to terminate the arrangements for the marketing of the Fund in any jurisdiction in which it is currently being marketed.