Investment objective

To deliver higher returns than market-weighted indices, after fees and transaction costs, at similar levels of risk.

Investment policy

To hold a well-diversified portfolio of companies whose shares are traded principally on the major exchanges of developed markets. The fund may invest across the entire market capitalisation spectrum, but tends to have a larger emphasis on small and mid-cap companies than a market-weighted index. Stock positions in the fund are weighted to achieve better diversification than a market-weighted index on an individual stock, sector and country level.

The fund will generally be overweight in stocks considered to be value stocks and underweight in growth stocks. To determine fundamental value we use a valuation composite, which captures book values, earnings, operating cash flows and net cash distributions to shareholders.

In addition, we incorporate how companies manage their environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities. The results of these factors inform our view when considering an investment for our portfolio.


The GSI Global Sustainable Value Fund is currently available on a number of platforms including:

AJ Bell
James Hay
Novia/Novia Global

Fund Factsheets:

Share Class A (GBP Distributing)
Share Class B (GBP Accumulating)

Key Investor Information Document:

Share Class A (GBP Distributing)
Share Class B (GBP Accumulating)


GSI Global Sustainable Value Fund Supplement.


GemCap Investment Funds (Umbrella) Prospectus.

Assessment of Value:

GSI Global Sustainable Value Fund Assessment of Value Report.

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